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Piri Reis University has a special place among universities in Turkey. Known for its maritime education, this institution offers students a high standard of education. It is also known for its maritime and engineering programmes in the field of education in Turkey. The university stands out for its modern facilities and experienced teaching staff.

The university’s campus is strategically located in Istanbul. This allows students to benefit from the opportunities the city has to offer. Students at Piri Reis University receive an education with a strong emphasis on practical application. This gives graduates an advantage when seeking employment. Students are provided with up to date information in all maritime related disciplines.

The University’s academic programmes aim to provide an education of international standard. Students graduate with practical experience. Among Turkish universities, Piri Reis is particularly recognised for its success in applied sciences. The internships and collaborations offered to students help them achieve their career goals.

The university also offers a wide range of social and cultural activities. Students have the opportunity to develop their personal interests through various clubs and organisations. Piri Reis University aims to develop students into individuals who can contribute to society by developing their social skills.

Find And Study provides potential students and their families with detailed information about Piri Reis University. It also provides guidance and all necessary support during the application process. Find And Study serves as a reliable resource for students seeking education in Turkey.

In conclusion, Piri Reis University is one of the leading institutions in Turkey for maritime and engineering education. The University, which has successfully balanced the practical and the theoretical, offers its students a high quality educational environment. With Find And Study’s help, the university aims to reach more students every year and help them build a successful future.


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