Scholastic Yetenek Testi (SAT)

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a critical examination for students aiming to pursue higher education, particularly in the United States. Find And Study provides comprehensive guidance to help students excel in this exam. The SAT exam assesses a student’s readiness for college, focusing on areas such as mathematics, critical reading, and writing.

What is the SAT exam? It’s a standardized test that evaluates a student’s academic skills, crucial for college admissions. The SAT exam is recognized globally, including by some universities in Turkey, as a measure of academic proficiency. It plays a significant role in the application process for undergraduate programs.

Education in Turkey is gaining international recognition, and the SAT exam can be a part of the admission process for certain programs. Studying in Turkey offers a unique blend of quality education and cultural experience. Universities in Turkey are increasingly considering SAT scores for international students.

Exams in Turkey, including the SAT, are part of a broader educational landscape. The SAT exam, in particular, is known for its rigorous assessment of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Find And Study helps students understand the format and content of the SAT, providing strategies for success.

The SAT exam is more than just a test; it’s an opportunity for students to showcase their academic abilities. Success in the SAT can open doors to prestigious universities and a wide range of academic programs. Find And Study’s expertise in SAT preparation ensures that students are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of this exam.

In conclusion, the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is an essential step for students looking to study in Turkey or abroad. With the support of Find And Study, students can navigate the complexities of the SAT and achieve their academic goals. The SAT exam is a stepping stone to higher education, offering students a pathway to academic success and opportunities in Turkey and beyond.

All About the SAT

The SAT is an examination administered by the College Board to evaluate students’ abilities in critical reading, writing, and mathematics. The exam underwent format revisions in 2016, culminating in a maximum tally of 1600 points. The examination’s administration occurs seven times annually, with candidates given the choice of taking either a paper-based or a computer-based assessment. The SAT presents a multiple-choice format, comprising four options for each item, and the exam is open to candidates of any age.

The SAT 1 Reasoning Test evaluates students’ numerical and verbal abilities through three sections: Mathematics, Critical Reading, and Writing. Each section receives a score between 200 and 800 points, with a maximum total score of 1600 points. When foreign students apply to universities in Turkey, Maths and Critical Reading sections are typically considered, while the Writing section is occasionally omitted. This assessment evaluates the analytical thinking and problem-solving skills of students and typically has a duration of 3 hours and 45 minutes.


SAT test centres in Turkey are situated in multiple cities to offer students an international standard testing experience. These centres comprise esteemed academic institutions like Abdullah Gül University, Bilkent University, and Ted Ankara College. Each centre possesses a unique code that students utilise when registering for the exam. Exam results are typically released within two weeks after the exam, providing students with sufficient time to plan their applications. The following educational institutions are included:

  • Abdullah Gül Üniversitesi Kayseri 59955
  • Bilkent Erzurum Laboratuvar Lisesi Erzurum 59920
  • Bilkent Üniversitesi Ankara 59908
  • Fatih Koleji Kocaeli 59915
  • Hisar Okulları İstanbul 59935
  • Özel Oğuzkaan Koleji İstanbul 59933
  • Özel Servergazi Anadolu ve Fen Lisesi Denizli 59918
  • St Georg Austrian College İstanbul 59929
  • Tarsus Amerikan Okulu Mersin 59980
  • Ted Ankara Koleji Ankara 59903
  • Ted Bursa Koleji Bursa 59912