Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Entrance Exam, commonly known as ALES exam, is an important standard exam for those who want to receive postgraduate education in Turkey. It is a critical assessment tool for students and professionals who aim to further their academic journey in master’s and doctoral programs in Turkey or seek educational opportunities abroad.

ALES scores play an important role not only in admission to graduate programs, but also in the selection process of various academic positions such as lecturers, research assistants, experts, translators and educational planners in higher education institutions across the country. The exam rigorously evaluates the quantitative, verbal and analytical skills deemed necessary for advanced academic study and research.

However, we are aware that not every path to postgraduate education requires the ALES exam. There are many master’s and doctoral programs that do not require an ALES score for application. Find And Study has created a list of such programs and maintains partnerships with universities that offer alternative evaluation criteria for admission. This opens the door to international students and professionals who want to study in Turkey but do not have the opportunity or need to take the ALES exam.

Studying in Turkey offers many opportunities. The country’s universities are known for their high academic standards, diverse programs and cultural richness. With Find And Study, international students can navigate the complex landscape of graduate study. Find And Study is with you every step of the way, from finding the right program and university to securing accommodation and understanding the intricacies of the Turkish academic system.

Find And Study offers alternative paths to ensure that educational and professional goals are not compromised for those who are exempt from the ALES requirement or for whom ALES is not a suitable option. We assist with the application process, provide certified translations of academic documents and offer consultancy services to align your qualifications with the requirements of Turkish universities.

Ultimately, whether or not ALES is part of your journey, Find And Study is committed to facilitating your academic progress in Turkey. We believe in a personalized approach, understanding that each student has unique needs and wants. Our mission is to close the gap between international students and the wide range of educational opportunities in Turkey, ensuring that every student finds their place and succeeds in the Turkish academic environment. With Find And Study, your dream of studying in Turkey is now very near and we are here to support you every step of the way.

All About ALES

• Those who can graduate from a bachelor’s program, those who have completed the Bachelor’s program and those who have studied abroad, provided that they have received an equivalence certificate can apply Exam.
• The exam is held twice a year, spring and autumn semester.
• Click here to access ÖSYM exam calendar.

• In the exam, tests consisting of numerical and verbal sections are applied, two tests consisting of 40 questions (numerical-1 and numerical-2) in the numerical section, two tests consisting of 40 questions (social-1 and social-2) are also included in the verbal section.
• Candidates must answer a total of 120 questions, taking into account the coefficients of the tests included in the type of score they want to use. Ales results are valid for three years from the date they are made.