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Acceptance Letter for Studying in Turkey: Your Gateway to University Enrollment

Foreign students who want to study in associate degree, undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs in Turkey need an “acceptance letter” to obtain a student visa or to enroll in the university. An acceptance letter is an official document certifying that your application has been accepted by the university to which you have applied. This document is also required to obtain a “study visa” from the Turkish Consulate in your country.

Offer Letter to Acceptance: The Path to Enrolling in Turkey's Private Universities

For applications to private universities, you receive a “letter of offer” before the “letter of acceptance”. This offer letter is sent by private universities and means that the university accepts your application. Here are details about your tuition fee, duration of study, the department you are applying for. In order to complete your registration to private universities, you must deposit the amount of deposit set by the University in your “letter of offer” into the official account of the university and receive your “letter of acceptance”.

Offer Letter to Acceptance: The Path to Enrolling in Turkey's Public Universities

At public universities, you receive a direct “acceptance letter” stating that you have been accepted. At this stage, you do not need to make any payments. The duration of the acceptance letter to the student varies in public universities and private universities. Find and Study reduces the time for students who apply to receive an “acceptance letter” and follows your application process. In both public universities and private universities, it transmits the “acceptance letter” to student as soon as possible. With Find and Study, you can take advantage of both fast enrollment at public universities and scholarship opportunities at private universities.