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What You Need To Know Before Applying

There are two types of universities in Turkey;
Public Universities
Private Universities
207 private and state universities in Turkey take foreign students with the Foreign Student Examination (YÖS) or diploma grade. YÖS– as the name suggests, is the exam that foreign students must take to study in Turkey. YÖS is not a general exam; most universities conduct this exam on their behalf. Even if universities conduct this exam separately, many universities can also accept the exam result of another university as valid. Some universities may accept examinations conducted by other universities.
Private universities organize exams for the purpose of promotion and offer scholarships to successful student candidates. But if you want to be a student at public universities, you must have received a high score from the exams. If the score you receive is sufficient, you can receive an “acceptance letter” from universities. When you arrive in Turkey, you need the original application documents and acceptance letter to enroll in the university. Contact us to apply only with your diploma.
“Acceptance letter” is an official document certifying that your application has been accepted by the university to which you have applied. This document is also required to obtain a “Study Visa” from the Turkish Consulate in your country.
Anyone who wants to get university education in Turkey must learn Turkish. Candidates who apply to programs of which education language is 100% Turkish are entitled to attend to relevant program directly without participating in the preparatory class if they have Turkish Proficiency Certificate issued by Yunus Emre Institute or from institutions recognized by Higher Education Council. Those not having Turkish language proficiency certificate is required to study one year of language preparation in Turkish teaching centers of universities (TÖMER). For those who cannot successfully complete their Turkish education at the end of one year, an additional period of one year is given. At the end of this period, if the student fails, he is dismissed from the University.
Prospective students are not required to declare their Turkish Proficiency Certificate at the time of application. But students are required to present Turkish Proficiency Certificate of B2 level for undergraduate and C1 level for graduate programs.
Costs vary depending on the University and department you choose.
Cost List
1. Consulting Fee-Ask
2. Turkish course-TÖMER ($200 - $700)
3. Tuition / Annual Fee
a) Medicine and Dentistry ($500 – $8000)
b) Engineering ($100- $ 1000))
c) Social Sciences ($100- $ 800)
4. Living costs range from ($200 – $ 1000) per month. Accommodation expenses are included.

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