“Find And Study” offers an extensive network, partnering with universities in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Northern Cyprus, providing a wide range of academic programs and pricing options. Our advanced online platform ensures easy tracking of student admissions processes and enables members to create customized PDF lists with their logos to share with sub-agents. Additionally, detailed university information is available in seven languages—Turkish, Azerbaijani, Persian, French, Russian, English, and Arabic—facilitating global reach and market dominance for our agents.

Our collaboration process with private universities is as follows:

  • Access our agent panel (https://agents.findandstudy.com/dashboard) using your account details to view programs and pricing.
  • You can apply by uploading the student’s diploma, transcript, passport, and photo through our panel.
  • We will receive and forward the conditional acceptance letter within 2-3 business days.
  • The student deposits a small portion of the tuition fee, and after you send us the payment receipt, we will send you the final acceptance letter within a week.
  • We do not charge a service fee for private universities.
  • Our commission starts at 50% and increases depending on the number of your students.
  • You can earn additional income from the service fee charged to the student, thanks to the discounted prices we offer.

    For public universities: 

  • We can place our candidates in state universities without an entrance exam. 
  • Required documents include high school diploma, transcript, passport, and photograph. 
  • There is a consulting fee for each program (you can see this on our panel). You need to pay half of the consulting fee with the application documents. Once the final acceptance letter is ready, after paying the other half of the consulting fee, you can receive the acceptance letter.
  • You can add your own profit on top of our consulting fee to earn income.

     General Information

  • For Turkish programs, students must learn Turkish in their first year at the university.
  • For English programs, students must have completed all of high school in English, have the required scores from exams like TOEFL, or pass the proficiency test conducted by the university at the start of the year. If these conditions are not met, the student must attend a preparatory class. The university will conduct language tests in Turkish and English at the start of the term, and students who pass can begin their studies.
  • In 30% English programmes, the student must demonstrate proficiency in both Turkish and English.
  • The academic term generally starts in September.
  • We can also provide a welcome package (airport transfer, dormitory finding, hotel reservation, SIM card, health insurance).



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