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Maltepe University is one of the leading higher education institutions in Istanbul. The university offers a wide range of academic programmes and aims to provide students with a high quality education. Among universities in Turkey, it is particularly known for its student-centred approach. The educational programmes are designed to ensure that theoretical knowledge is put into practice. In this way, students are best prepared for business life.

The university campus is equipped with modern facilities. Students have the opportunity to benefit from the latest technological tools. Maltepe University is also very ambitious in research and innovation. Academics and students take part in various scientific projects. These projects strengthen the university’s leadership in education and science in Turkey.

The Library and Information Centre attracts attention with its extensive resources. Students can use these resources to study and deepen their own research. Maltepe University also contributes to the personal development of students by offering social and cultural activities. Conferences, seminars and workshops organised within the university facilitate the development of students.

The University’s International Relations Office cooperates with many universities around the world. In this way, students gain a global perspective by participating in exchange programmes. Maltepe University attaches great importance to international cooperation among universities in Turkey. In this way, students have the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and acquire new language skills.

As a result, Maltepe University represents quality and innovation in the field of education in Turkey. The collaboration with Find And Study further enhances the opportunities the university offers to students. Maltepe University offers its students a valuable academic experience with its modern approach to education and wide range of facilities. This university aims to equip its graduates for the challenges of the future.


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