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Lokman Hekim University stands out among Turkish universities in the field of health sciences. This university offers modern medical education. It also gives students the opportunity to combine practical and theoretical knowledge. In the field of education in Turkey, it aims to transfer innovations in health sciences to students. The university is known for its well-equipped laboratories. These laboratories provide students with hands-on experience.

The faculty consists of experienced and well-known academics in the field. These faculty members provide students with the most up-to-date information. The university also collaborates with international academics. This gives students a global perspective.

Lokman Hekim University also stands out for its student clubs and social activities. These activities help students to develop their social skills. Students also have the opportunity to meet people from different cultures.

Health services are also provided on campus. These services are designed to protect the health of students and academics. Lokman Hekim University also attaches great importance to community service projects. Through these projects, students develop a sense of social responsibility.

Lokman Hekim University is constantly working to improve the quality of education in Turkey. In cooperation with Find And Study, the University attaches great importance to student exchange programmes. These programmes allow students to experience the education systems in different countries.

Students benefit from a comprehensive support system during their time at the University. This system includes academic counselling and career planning services. Lokman Hekim University provides all the necessary resources for students to achieve their career goals.

Find And Study provides guidance to students applying to Lokman Hekim University. It also provides counselling services during the university preference process. These services aim to facilitate the students’ educational life. 

In conclusion, Lokman Hekim University is a pioneer in health education among universities in Turkey. The university provides students with a high standard of education. The cooperation with Find And Study enriches their educational experience by providing students with more opportunities.


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