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Izmir University of Economics stands out among universities in Turkey for its modern and innovative approach. The institution aims to provide high standards of education to its students. The university provides a learning environment equipped with valid knowledge in science and business. Izmir University of Economics is also known for its international collaborations. These collaborations provide students with a global perspective.

Education programmes are designed to be integrated with the sector. Izmir University of Economics offers its students an education that combines practical and theoretical knowledge. Students are prepared for their careers with real-world experience. The university is also at the forefront of research and innovation. Students and academics are actively involved in various research projects.

The campus has modern facilities that inspire students. Students study in classrooms equipped with the latest technology. In this way, it is making a difference in the field of education in Turkey. The campus also provides opportunities to contribute to the social and cultural development of students.

The university attaches great importance to cooperation between industry and academia. Izmir University of Economics offers students a wide range of internship and job opportunities. These opportunities increase the employment rate of graduates. Students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have acquired during their education in the business world. This enables them to integrate more quickly and effectively into the business world.

The collaboration with Find And Study provides great support to the students. The company provides accommodation, health insurance and counselling services to students coming to Izmir University of Economics. These services facilitate the students’ educational life in Turkey. Find And Study takes care of the academic and social needs of the students.

In conclusion, Izmir University of Economics is an important institution among the universities in Turkey that provides quality education to its students. The university provides its graduates with all the necessary tools to succeed in business and academia. The cooperation with Find And Study is a great support in this process


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