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Altinbas University is located in Istanbul. Founded in 2008, this university attracts attention with its modern education approach. Among the universities in Turkey, it stands out especially with its dynamic structure. It is known for its education quality and international co-operation. It offers its students education opportunities in various disciplines.

This university has adopted a learning model that integrates practical and theoretical knowledge. In this way, it exhibits an innovative approach in the field of education in Turkey. Altinbas University aims to provide its students with real-world experiences. This provides a great advantage in preparing students for the business world.

Various social and cultural activities are organised on campus. These activities allow students to develop their social skills. There are also many research centres within the university. The scientific studies carried out in these centres have an important place among the universities in Turkey.

Altinbas University attaches great importance to student exchange programmes. Thanks to these programmes, students have the opportunity to gain a global perspective. The university has developed collaborations with many internationally recognised universities. These collaborations enable students and faculty members to share their knowledge and experience internationally.

The library and information centre are equipped with the most up-to-date resources. Students have access to all the necessary facilities for their course work and research. Furthermore, the university enriches the learning experience by integrating technology into the educational processes.

In co-operation with Find And Study, Altinbas University draws a profile that can compete with universities in Turkey and around the world. This co-operation aims to raise quality standards in education as well as providing more opportunities for students. This university, which makes a difference in the field of education in Turkey, is making its name known to a wider audience with each passing day.

As a result, Altinbas University offers a dynamic educational environment equipped with both theoretical and practical knowledge. Among the universities in Turkey, it stands out especially with the importance it attaches to co-operations and international relations. The co-operation with Find And Study further enhances the opportunities that this university offers to students.


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