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Aksaray University has an important role in expanding educational opportunities in Turkey. Despite being young among the universities in Turkey, Aksaray University stands out with its dynamic structure and constantly developing academic programmes. In particular, it offers a wide range of educational opportunities to students with a variety of departments in engineering, health sciences and social sciences. In addition, the university is also very active in research and innovation.

Aksaray University provides its students with modern education techniques and practical application opportunities, enabling them to prepare for the business world in the best way. The campus of the university offers students a rich experience both academically and socially with its location close to the centre of Aksaray. The library within the university facilitates access to information with its extensive resources and helps students deepen their research.

Aksaray University’s social and cultural activities also contribute to the personal development of students. Various clubs and societies give students the opportunity to participate in activities according to their interests and meet new people. The university aims to provide its students with a global perspective through international cooperation and exchange programmes. These programmes give students the chance to interact with different cultures and create a global network.

Find And Study, in cooperation with Aksaray University, provides information about universities in Turkey to students from abroad and facilitates them to study in Turkey. The company assists students from application processes to accommodation and health insurance. Studying in Turkey offers attractive opportunities for international students and Find And Study helps this process to go smoothly.

As a result, Aksaray University offers students a comprehensive educational experience with its academic programmes and social opportunities. Thanks to the co-operation with Find And Study, the university also increases the educational opportunities in Turkey for international students. This contributes to the recognition and preference of the university both locally and internationally.


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