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Abdullah Gül University is located in Kayseri, Turkey. It was founded in 2010 and is a foundation university supported by the state. This university, which attracts attention with its modern education approach, aims to provide students with an education at international standards. Among the universities in Turkey, it has gained a unique place, especially in the field of engineering and natural sciences. The university has a young and dynamic academic staff and has a constantly developing research infrastructure.

Constantly updating its education system, Abdullah Gül University offers its students practical application opportunities as well as theoretical knowledge. This approach ensures that students graduate ready for the business world. Aiming to improve the quality of education in Turkey, the university has developed a global vision through international collaborations and various exchange programmes.

The university campus attracts attention with its modern architecture and large green areas. Students are offered a peaceful and stimulating learning environment. Abdullah Gül University is also taking firm steps towards becoming a sustainable campus. Energy efficiency and environmentally friendly projects are prioritised in line with this goal.

In cooperation with industry, the University develops programmes that offer internship and job opportunities to students. In this context, it has a special position among universities in Turkey. Collaborations with the Find And Study company offer students more career and education opportunities. These collaborations contribute to the academic and professional development of students.

Abdullah Gül University’s library facilitates access to information with its extensive resources. Hosting the latest publications and various electronic resources, the library supports the research activities of students and faculty members. In addition, the university’s artistic and cultural activities contribute to the social and cultural development of students.

In conclusion, Abdullah Gül University stands out in Turkey with its innovative approaches and international collaborations in the field of education. Collaborations with the Find And Study company allow this university to be recognised and preferred internationally. Students here not only achieve academic success, but also grow up as individuals who can think globally.


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