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Üsküdar University is one of the leading universities in Turkey. It is particularly specialised in the fields of psychology and health sciences. The university stands out for its modern approach to education and well-equipped academic staff. It provides students with practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge.

The campus is located in one of the central areas of Istanbul. This allows students to benefit from the cultural and social opportunities of the city. Üsküdar University contributes to the world of science with its advanced laboratories and research centres. It also provides students with various internship and study opportunities.

The university also plays an active role in the international arena. It cooperates with universities all over the world. These collaborations include student and faculty exchange programmes. This gives Üsküdar University students a global perspective.

The quality of education at Üsküdar University gives it a special place among universities in Turkey. Its academic achievements and innovative teaching methods have earned it national and international recognition. The University attaches great importance to the personal and professional development of its students.

In cooperation with Find And Study, Üsküdar University offers international students the opportunity to study in Turkey. This cooperation increases cultural diversity and provides students with different perspectives. This cooperation offers a wide range of opportunities to its students, enabling them to start a successful career.

Üsküdar University is one of the leading institutions in the field of education in Turkey. It is preferred by students for its high standards of education and social opportunities. The university provides its graduates with the necessary tools to succeed in the business and academic world.

As a result, Üsküdar University is a reputable institution that offers students a modern education among universities in Turkey. It is known for its innovative approach to education and international cooperation. These features make the university an attractive option for students and academics


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