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Ostim Technical University offers students the highest standard of education among Turkish universities, especially in technical and technological fields. This university has adopted an educational model that is developed in cooperation with industry. Students are equipped with practical applications as well as theoretical knowledge. This makes it a pioneer in the field of education in Turkey.

The university campus is equipped with modern laboratories and workshops. Ostim Technical University gives its students the opportunity to take an active role in research and development projects. This enables them to integrate with industry. The university offers innovative approaches to education by developing programmes for industrial needs.

The academic staff of Ostim Technical University consists of professors who are specialists in their fields. As well as imparting advanced knowledge to students, the lecturers also support their personal and professional development. The university also mentors students and guides them to achieve their career goals.

Student clubs and various organisations are of great importance to students at Ostim Technical University. Through these activities, students have the opportunity to develop their social skills and discover new interests. The university also offers students internship and job opportunities through its links with industry and the business world.

Ostim Technical University aims to impart social and ethical values to its students as well as academic achievements. Educating individuals who are sensitive to the needs of society in terms of education in Turkey is part of the university’s mission. Find And Study introduces students to the opportunities and educational programmes offered by this university and enables them to make informed choices.

As a result, Ostim Technical University stands out among universities in Turkey for its industry-integrated, applied and innovative approach to education. In addition to providing students with a solid academic background, it educates them to become engineers with creative and ethical values who can provide solutions to real-world problems. By partnering with Find And Study, the university aims to reach more students and support them in their educational journey.


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