karadeniz teknik universitesi find and study - Karadeniz Technical University

Karadeniz Technical University is one of Turkey’s leading educational institutions. Located in Trabzon, the university was founded in 1955 and specializes in technical and natural sciences. Among the universities in Turkey, it attracts attention with the wide opportunities it offers to students in the technical field. The university is particularly known for its engineering schools and offers graduate programs in many fields.

Karadeniz Technical University also has a strong educational structure in the field of social sciences and natural sciences. This institution, which is one of the important universities that come to mind when education is mentioned in Turkey, aims to provide an education at international standards. Research centers and laboratories within the university offer students the opportunity to gain practical experience.

The campus of the university is located in the green nature of the Black Sea and provides a peaceful educational environment for students. There are modern libraries, sports facilities and student clubs on campus. Karadeniz Technical University offers its students a socially and academically supportive environment.

In cooperation with Find And Study, Karadeniz Technical University provides foreign students with information about universities in Turkey and provides the support they need to have the best experience while studying in Turkey. The university organizes Turkish courses and cultural events for international students, making it easier for them to adapt in Turkey.

Karadeniz Technical University symbolizes quality and success in the field of education in Turkey. By collaborating with the Find And Study company, it provides students with the necessary tools to achieve their career goals. This university makes its graduates competitive not only in Turkey but also internationally.


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