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Kadir Has University is one of the leading universities in Turkey. This institution is known for its quality approach to education. Students are offered modern and innovative learning. The university is situated in the centre of Istanbul. This gives students the opportunity to benefit from all the opportunities of the big city.

The university campus is a blend of historic and modern architecture. Students study in classrooms equipped with the latest technology. Kadir Has University attaches great importance to research and innovation. Therefore, it houses many research centres and laboratories.

The academic staff consists of faculty members who are experts in their fields. These faculty members have international experience. They transfer knowledge to students in the most effective way. Kadir Has University supports not only the academic but also the personal development of the students.

Kadir Has University is an institution that raises the quality of education in Turkey. Students acquire critical thinking and analytical skills. Graduates are equipped to compete in the global business world. The university has achieved many successes in the fields of arts and sciences.

In cooperation with Find And Study, Kadir Has University is also an attractive option for foreign students. Find And Study helps students in many areas, from placement to counselling. Thanks to this cooperation, students can easily adapt to university life in Turkey. The university is also rich in social and cultural activities. Students can take part in various clubs and events. Thanks to these activities, they can improve their social skills.

Finally, Kadir Has University actively supports its graduates in their job search. The Career Centre advises students on internship and job opportunities. The university has strong links with the business world. These connections give students a great advantage in finding a job after graduation.


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