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Istinye University stands out among Turkish universities for its innovative approach to education. It closely follows developments in technology and science. The university offers students modern educational opportunities. It also places great emphasis on practical applications.

The campus offers students an inspiring environment. It is here that students develop both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The university invests heavily in research and development activities. This gives students the opportunity to make new discoveries. Istinye University is renowned for its academic achievements. It offers its students an education of international standard.

The teaching staff consists of academics who are experts in their fields. These lecturers provide comprehensive information to the students. The university follows a student-centred education model. This model allows students to discover their individual talents.

When it comes to education in Turkey, Istinye University stands out for its modern teaching techniques. The university offers students various scholarship opportunities. These scholarships help successful students to continue their education. There are also many clubs and activities that contribute to the social and cultural development of students.

The cooperation with Find And Study further strengthens Istinye University. The company helps students adapt to the Turkish education system. Find And Study provides students with accommodation, health insurance and various counselling services. This cooperation enables students to complete their educational process in Turkey smoothly.

As a result, the cooperation between Istinye University and Find And Study will continue to provide valuable opportunities for students. Istinye University is an important institution among universities in Turkey that provides students with a modern education. This university is doing its best to educate the leaders of the future.


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