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Istanbul Rumelia University is a prominent institution among universities in Turkey. This university offers students an innovative and integrated education. In particular, it was established to improve the quality of education in Turkey. It offers its students a blend of practical and theoretical knowledge.

The university encourages interdisciplinary approaches and helps students to gain different perspectives. It also educates individuals who can find local solutions to global problems. Istanbul Rumelia University inspires students with its academic staff. This staff is made up of experts in their fields.

Campus life offers students a wide range of social and cultural activities. Students can improve their social skills by participating in various clubs and organisations. Istanbul Rumelia University provides its students with modern libraries and research centres. In this way, students can easily access information and improve themselves.

Find And Study provides various services for students studying at Istanbul Rumelia University. These services include accommodation, health insurance and counselling. The company aims to facilitate the educational process of students in Turkey. It has a high success rate in finding jobs for its graduates.

The university also has an active alumni network that supports the career development of its graduates. This network contributes to the success of graduates in their professional lives. Find And Study provides career services to graduates of Istanbul Rumelia University. These services help students to adapt to the business world.

Istanbul Rumelia University provides its students with the necessary skills for a sustainable future. The university is also known for its environmental and social responsibility projects. These projects enable students to become individuals who are sensitive to social problems. It makes a significant contribution to the education system in Turkey and provides a valuable educational experience for its students. Find And Study is proud to partner with this prestigious university to help students on their educational journey.


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