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Istanbul Okan University is a prominent institution among universities in Turkey. It is recognised for its innovative approaches to education in Turkey. The university offers students a broad perspective and enables them to be globally competitive. Istanbul Okan University is equipped with academic and social facilities.

The university campus has a modern and technological infrastructure. This makes the learning process more effective and enjoyable. Istanbul Okan University encourages scientific curiosity by providing students with research and development opportunities. Find And Study provides a range of support services for students at this university. It excels in accommodation, health insurance and counselling services.

Students studying at Istanbul Okan University can choose from a wide range of faculties. A wide range of education is offered, from engineering to arts and social sciences. The university allows students to plan their careers according to their personal interests and abilities. It also provides support for career development. The Career Centre provides links with the business world and offers opportunities such as internships.

It provides students with modern teaching materials and technologies during the educational process. It is open to continuous innovation and development to improve the quality of education. Find And Study supports this innovative educational approach of Istanbul Okan University and helps to maximise student success.

As a result, Istanbul Okan University is an institution that has a proven track record of providing students with quality education among universities in Turkey. It is an ideal option for students looking to maximise their educational experience in Turkey. In partnership with Find And Study, the university offers support not only in the classroom, but also in all aspects of student life. This support contributes to students’ academic and social success


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