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Istanbul Kent University offers students a modern and innovative education among universities in Turkey. This institution, which is making a difference in terms of education in Turkey, attracts attention with its academic and social facilities. The University provides its students with an educational environment that is based on practical applications as well as theoretical knowledge.

The institution aims to train students to compete in the global marketplace by offering educational programmes of international standards. Istanbul Kent University supports the holistic development of its students by providing them with quality educational opportunities in various disciplines. In addition, by working with the business community, students graduate ready to enter the workforce.

The campus has modern laboratories and research centres to support students’ academic progress. These facilities give students the opportunity to conduct research and make new discoveries. In addition to scientific research, the University also attaches great importance to artistic and cultural activities. 

The University Library serves students with its extensive resources. This library provides students with easy access to information by housing both printed and electronic resources. Istanbul Kent University also enriches the social life of the students through various social clubs. Through these clubs, students can participate in activities according to their interests and make new friends.

The university’s sports facilities provide students with physical activity and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Istanbul Kent University contributes to the mental and physical development of students. The University is also actively involved in various local and international projects. These projects provide students with real-world experience and expand their professional networks.

Find And Study helps students studying at Istanbul Kent University to facilitate their study process in Turkey. The company provides students with accommodation, health insurance and counselling services to ensure that their study experience in Turkey runs smoothly.


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