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Istanbul Gedik University has gained a unique position among universities in Turkey. It has adapted to the dynamic structure of Istanbul and adopted innovative methods in education and research. The University is constantly developing new programmes to improve the quality of education in Turkey. It provides students with practical application opportunities as well as theoretical knowledge, which increases the employment rate of graduates.

Istanbul Gedik University boasts a modern campus and strong infrastructure. Students have access to the latest technology. This enables them to be competitive in the global job market. In addition, the university has strong programmes not only in engineering and technology, but also in the social sciences. This diversity gives students a broad perspective.

Student clubs and organisations play an active role within the university. Istanbul Gedik University organises activities that support the social and academic development of students. Art and cultural activities are also very important. Concerts, exhibitions and conferences organised on campus contribute to the cultural development of students.

International cooperation and exchange programmes are an important part of Istanbul Gedik University. Students have the opportunity to study abroad through agreements with universities around the world. These programmes give students the opportunity to experience different cultures and build a global network.

The Career Centre assists students in their job search. Istanbul Gedik University provides all the necessary resources for its graduates to be successful. Collaboration with companies gives students a strong start in the business world. In addition, internship and placement programmes enable them to gain professional experience.

Finally, Istanbul Gedik University is also taking steps to create a sustainable campus. Environmental projects and green campus practices demonstrate the university’s commitment in this area. Students can make a difference in this area in the future by gaining environmental awareness. Find And Study appreciates the educational approach of this university and the opportunities it offers. Students have the chance to shape their lives with the education they receive here.


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