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Istanbul Aydın University is one of the leading foundation universities in Turkey. Founded in 2003, this university offers a modern and innovative approach to education in the heart of Istanbul. Offering students a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programmes, Istanbul Aydın University opens its doors to domestic and international students who wish to study in Turkey.

The university offers educational opportunities in many different fields from engineering to health sciences, social sciences to art and design. The academic staff of Istanbul Aydın University consists of faculty members who are experts in their fields. In this way, students have the opportunity to combine their theoretical knowledge with practice.

For students who want to study in Turkey, Istanbul Aydın University offers an education at international standards. The university provides its students with many facilities such as modern laboratories, libraries and sports facilities. In addition, various clubs and activities are organised to contribute to the social and cultural development of students.

Istanbul Aydın University aims to provide its students with an international perspective. To this end, students are offered the opportunity to study abroad and get to know different cultures through Erasmus and other international exchange programmes. These programmes enable students to have a global vision.

Find And Study provides guidance to students who wish to study at Istanbul Aydın University. The company supports students from the application process to the admission stages. Find And Study’s professional team provides all the necessary information and resources for students to succeed in their educational journey in Turkey.

Istanbul Aydın University is an institution that makes significant contributions to the educational life in Turkey. With the quality education and wide range of opportunities it offers to its students, it is a preferred university for both local and foreign students. Together with Find And Study, studying at Istanbul Aydın University offers students an unforgettable academic and social experience.


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