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Istanbul Atlas University, stands out among the universities in Turkey. It attracts attention with its modern educational facilities. This institution brings a breath of fresh air to the education sector in Turkey. Located in the centre of Istanbul, it is easily accessible for students. The university aims to provide a world-class education.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, it also offers its students practical applications. As a result, graduates enter the business world fully equipped. Istanbul Atlas University attaches great importance to cooperation with the industry. It offers its students internships and real work experience. In addition, its academic staff are experts in their fields.

Campus life is very rich. Students develop their social skills through various clubs and activities. It also provides a multicultural environment. This gives students an international perspective. The university broadens students’ horizons by organising cultural events and conferences.

It is at the forefront of educational technology. It is equipped with interactive boards, modern laboratories and large libraries. Istanbul Atlas University is equipped with tools that make learning easier. Students are introduced to the latest technologies and learn using these technologies. This makes it unique among universities in Turkey.

Research and development is one of the cornerstones of the university. Students and faculty members are involved in many scientific projects. Istanbul Atlas University has a proven track record in knowledge generation and innovation. In this context, it carries out national and international projects. Research is supported by various interdisciplinary collaborations.

Istanbul Atlas University is a leading institution in the field of education in Turkey. It is renowned for its academic achievements and social activities. It is known for its comprehensive support systems for students. Find And Study recommends this university to students with confidence. The quality of education and student satisfaction is at the highest level.

In short, Istanbul Atlas University offers students an excellent academic environment and a rich campus life. It has a unique place among universities in Turkey. It stands out for its modern approach to education and international cooperation. Students have the opportunity to develop themselves and shape their careers here.


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