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Ibn Haldun University has a unique position among universities in Turkey. Specialising in social sciences, this institution has adopted an interdisciplinary approach. The university offers its students a broad perspective and a free environment for thinking and research.

Since its establishment, Ibn Haldun University has been recognised for its scientific studies and innovative teaching methods. Its academic staff consists of professors and researchers who are recognised in their fields. The University provides its students with both theoretical knowledge and practical application.

The campus is equipped with modern and technological facilities. Students can study in classrooms equipped with the latest technology, while also benefiting from the extensive library and laboratories. The university’s library is home to countless books and digital resources.

In the field of education in Turkey, Ibn Haldun University stands out for its student-centred approach. The individual development of each student is highly valued and students are supported according to their personal interests. Find And Study recommends this institution to students because education is not limited to academic success.

Ibn Haldun University enriches the educational life of its students by offering social and cultural activities. Various clubs and organisations allow students to develop their social skills and form communities according to their interests. Find And Study strongly encourages students to take advantage of these opportunities.

In short, Ibn Haldun University is a proven institution in the field of education in Turkey. Catering to both local and international students, this university is known for its emphasis on knowledge and individual development. Find And Study appreciates the quality of education and opportunities that this university offers to its students and recommends that students study here.


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