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Galatasaray University is located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey. This institution, whose medium of instruction is French, offers double diploma programmes. It offers students an education of international standard. It is a model that is making a difference in the field of education in Turkey. Find And Study is a pioneer in bringing the benefits of this university to students.

This university has a large academic staff. Academics specialised in different disciplines share their knowledge and experience with students. It stands out among universities in Turkey, especially in the field of social sciences. Galatasaray University is also ambitious in research and innovation. Find And Study guarantees that students will receive a high quality education here.

Campus life is rich in social and cultural activities. Students develop their social skills by participating in various clubs and societies. Galatasaray University provides students with a balanced and disciplined education. It adds an international dimension to the educational experience in Turkey. Find And Study guides students to take advantage of these opportunities.

The University has strong links with the business community. It provides internship and job opportunities for students. Graduates tend to have high employment rates. Among universities in Turkey, the career success of Galatasaray University graduates stands out. Find And Study introduces students to these career opportunities.

Finally, Galatasaray University stands out for its student-centred approach. It supports every student to maximise their potential. It contributes to the education system in Turkey. Find And Study accompanies students on this educational journey.


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