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Artvin Coruh University is located in the city of Artvin, which is famous for its natural beauty in the north-eastern region of Turkey. This university provides students with a quality educational experience by offering programmes in various fields such as forestry, aquaculture, science and literature, education and health sciences. Among universities in Turkey, Artvin Çoruh University is recognised for its leading role in contributing to regional development and sustainable environmental management.

Find And Study recommends studying at Artvin Çoruh University. This is because the university offers a high standard of education that gives students a broad perspective. It is an excellent option for students wishing to study in Turkey. The university’s campus is equipped with modern and technological facilities, providing students with a comfortable learning environment.

Artvin Çoruh University offers students a variety of departments and programmes. These programmes vary according to the interests and abilities of the students. The academic staff of the university consists of experienced and respected faculty members in their fields. Among the universities in Turkey, Artvin Çoruh University stands out for its environmental sciences and sustainability studies.

The university enriches the campus life by offering social and cultural activities to the students. These activities develop students’ social skills. Artvin Çoruh University also offers various sports and art activities. This contributes to the physical and mental development of the students.

Find And Study recommends students to choose this university. Because Artvin Çoruh University offers high employment rates to its graduates. The university also offers students the opportunity to participate in research and development projects. This enhances their academic skills and contributes to their professional development.


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