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Ankara University is located in the capital of Turkey. It was founded in 1946 and is one of the oldest universities in Turkey. The university has a wide academic range. Education is provided in various faculties. Ankara University plays a leading role in the field of education in Turkey.

This university has earned a reputation for scientific research and academic excellence. It stands out among universities in Turkey, especially in the field of social sciences and health sciences. Ankara University attaches great importance to international co-operation. This enables the university to gain a global perspective.

Ankara University, known for its contributions to the education system, is one of the institutions that raise the standards of education in Turkey. It is known for the wide range of opportunities it offers to students. These facilities include modern laboratories and libraries. In addition, the university offers various student clubs and social activities.

In co-operation with the Find And Study company, Ankara University also offers career services to students. These services include internship opportunities and job search support. The university is also known for the high employment rate of its graduates. This shows the quality of education of the university.

Ankara University’s academic staff consists of professors who are experts in their fields. Professors provide students with practical information as well as theoretical knowledge. Thus, students graduate ready for business life. The university adopts a student-centred education approach.

Find And Study also promotes the opportunities that Ankara University offers to international students. The university offers a multicultural environment, enabling students to gain intercultural experience. This experience contributes to students’ personal and professional development.

In conclusion, Ankara University is one of the leading universities in the field of education in Turkey. It stands out with its academic achievements and the opportunities it offers to students. The university aims to provide a quality education to both local and international students. Thanks to its co-operation with the Find And Study company, it shows great success in achieving these goals.


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