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Ankara Medipol University offers a specialised education, particularly in the field of health sciences. However, the university also has a wide academic range in various disciplines such as engineering, social sciences and sciences. The multidisciplinary programmes offered to students allow them to deepen their knowledge in different fields.

The university’s library plays a key role in accessing information with its extensive collection and modern technological facilities. Students and faculty members can easily access the most up-to-date information. In addition, Ankara Medipol University provides access to various online databases and e-resources to support students’ academic studies.

The student experience at Ankara Medipol University is not limited to academic achievements. The university attaches great importance to students’ social and cultural development. Various clubs and organisations provide students with skills such as leadership, teamwork and social responsibility. These activities are shaped according to students’ interests and offer them activities that will contribute to their personal development.

The cooperation between Find And Study and Ankara Medipol University gives students the opportunity to express themselves on international platforms and gain a global perspective. Student exchange programmes and international conferences are part of this cooperation. These programmes offer students the chance to get to know different cultures and build a global network.

The research capacity of the university is remarkable, especially in scientific innovations and technological developments. Ankara Medipol University is equipped with modern laboratories and research centres that support students and academics to develop new ideas and turn these ideas into reality. These facilities have a fundamental role in supporting the university’s scientific research and innovative projects.

Finally, Ankara Medipol University also stands out with the career services it provides to its students. The career centre guides students in their job search process, informs them about internship and job opportunities, and helps them establish connections with the business world. Find And Study co-operates with the university to support students in this process and aims to increase their success after graduation.


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