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Ankara Science University is located in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. This university attaches great importance to scientific research. It aims to provide high standards of education to its students. Standing out among universities in Turkey, this institution attracts attention with its modern and innovative approaches. Ankara Bilim University is also known for its international co-operation. It offers students a global perspective and enables them to be competitive worldwide.

The university gives a great place to practical applications as well as theoretical knowledge. In this way, students become ready for business life. Ankara Bilim University, a pioneer in the field of education in Turkey, constantly renews itself. Its academic staff consists of experts in their fields. Students have the chance to benefit from this experienced staff at the maximum level.

Ankara Bilim University also contributes to the personal development of its students through social and cultural activities. Various clubs and organisations offer students a social environment. This university, which has high student satisfaction among universities in Turkey, facilitates access to information with its comprehensive library and research centres. It also draws attention with its strong infrastructure.

The university, which is also a pioneer in educational technologies, appeals to a wide range of students with its distance education programmes. Ankara Bilim University’s research laboratories provide all the necessary facilities for scientific studies. One of the first universities that comes to mind when it comes to education in Turkey, this institution offers education at international standards.

The university also offers scholarship opportunities to its students. These scholarships give successful students with limited financial means the opportunity to continue their education. Ankara Bilim University also makes a name for itself with its community service projects. Students develop social responsibility awareness with these projects.

Ankara Bilim University, which cooperates with Find And Study, also opens its doors to international students. Thanks to this co-operation, students from all over the world benefit from educational opportunities in Turkey. Ankara Bilim University, which has a special place among universities in Turkey, adds value to its students with its academic achievements and social opportunities. Find And Study endeavours to introduce this valuable educational environment to more students.


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