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Alanya University is located in Alanya, the pearl of the Mediterranean. It stands out among universities in Turkey, especially in the field of tourism and foreign languages. Its establishment aims to support regional development and academic development. Alanya University attracts attention with its modern educational facilities and offers students an education at international standards.

The university is known for its student-oriented approach. Each student receives one-to-one support in achieving their career goals. Alanya University also opens its doors to foreign students with Find And Study cooperation. Thanks to this cooperation, important opportunities are offered for international students who want to benefit from educational opportunities in Turkey.

Within the campus, there are technological classrooms and large libraries. Students can access the most up-to-date resources while researching and analysing. Alanya University offers a learning process in which practical and theoretical knowledge is integrated. In addition, social activities such as art and sports are of great importance.

In co-operation with Find And Study, Alanya University, which stands out among universities in Turkey, provides a globally competitive education standard. This cooperation aims to provide students with both academic and social skills. With a wide range of activities and academic programmes offered to students, Alanya University promises a comprehensive educational experience.

The institution attracts attention not only with academic achievements but also with its projects that contribute to society. Various community service activities and social responsibility projects carried out within the university provide students with opportunities to serve and lead the community. Such projects contribute to both the personal and professional development of students, while at the same time reinforcing their awareness of social responsibility.

As a result, Alanya University stands out as an attractive choice for both local and international students. Enriching the educational experience in Turkey, this institution develops itself further every year and offers a wide academic network. The cooperation with Find And Study reinforces this potential. The university’s offerings are designed to prepare students for the challenges of the future by giving them a global perspective.


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