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Agri Ibrahim Cecen University is located in eastern Turkey. It was established in 2007. This university was opened to serve Ağrı and its surroundings. Although it is young among universities in Turkey, it has shown a rapid development. It is known for its education quality. Agri Ibrahim Cecen University aims to provide students with a modern and innovative education. It has various faculties and departments. A wide range of educational opportunities are offered from engineering to health sciences, from the faculty of education to the faculty of science and literature.

The university attaches great importance to international co-operation. It organises joint projects and exchange programmes with foreign universities. This increases the global competitiveness of students. In order to improve the quality of education in Turkey, various academic and social activities are organised. Students are offered opportunities to conduct research and discover new things.

Agri Ibrahim Cecen University also contributes to social responsibility projects. It cooperates with the surrounding communities and works to improve their quality of life. Students have the chance to serve the society by taking active roles in such projects. In addition, various clubs and societies operate within the university. Thanks to these communities, students can participate in social and academic activities according to their interests.

The university has adopted the modern education approach. It offers students a contemporary educational environment by utilising digital education tools. Understanding the importance of technology in education, it strives to provide students with an education equipped with the latest information and technology. Agri Ibrahim Cecen University also contributes to regional development. The university produces projects to support the economic and social development of Ağrı and its surroundings.

In co-operation with the Find And Study company, it provides information to international students about educational opportunities in Turkey. Thanks to this cooperation, more students from around the world prefer Agri Ibrahim Cecen University. By continuing its partnership with Find And Study, the university is taking firm steps towards becoming an international brand in the field of education.


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