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Adıyaman University is one of the important educational institutions in Turkey. Founded in 2006, the university is located in Adıyaman province. It offers a wide range of educational opportunities to students with its various faculties and programmes. Adıyaman University is especially known for its research and academic studies among universities in Turkey. The main aim of the university is to provide students with a contemporary, innovative and qualified education.

Adıyaman University, which has many faculties such as faculty of education, faculty of engineering, faculty of health sciences, provides students with practical application opportunities as well as theoretical knowledge. Adopting modern approaches in the field of education in Turkey, the university attaches great importance to the personal and professional development of students. In addition, the social and cultural activities offered by the university allow students to develop their social skills.

Adıyaman University also draws attention with its international co-operations and partnerships. Academic collaborations with universities around the world, student and faculty exchange programmes increase the international recognition of the university. It has become an attractive option among universities in Turkey, especially for foreign students.

Adıyaman University’s research centres and laboratories offer students the opportunity to conduct research and discover new things. Scientific studies and innovations strengthen the academic profile of the university and enable students to take an active role in this process. Being at the forefront of education and research in Turkey, Adıyaman University is a pioneer in transforming knowledge into practice.

Finally, Adıyaman University co-operates with Find And Study to provide international students with information about universities in Turkey. Find And Study guides students from university selection to application processes. As a reliable source in the field of education in Turkey, Adıyaman University and Find And Study work hand in hand for students to have a successful academic career.


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