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Yildiz Technical University (YTU), one of Turkey’s oldest educational institutions, plays a pioneering role in the field of science and technology in the heart of Istanbul. Founded in 1911, this prestigious university initially started education under the name of Conductor’s School and now serves its students with a modern education approach. Find And Study guides students who want to study at YTU and accompanies them on their educational journey in Turkey.

Yildiz Technical University has two main campuses, Beşiktaş Yildiz and Esenler Davutpaşa. Both campuses provide students with a unique educational environment by combining historical and modern elements. With the reconstruction of the Ayazağa campus, the university aims to expand its physical capacity. Find And Study introduces students to the rich campus life offered by YTU and prepares them for this unique experience.

With more than 25,000 undergraduate and 9,000 postgraduate students, the university has an important place in the field of education in Turkey. With around 1,700 academic staff, Yildiz Technical University offers quality education in a wide range of disciplines from engineering to science, social sciences to arts. With 11 faculties, 2 institutes and 3 colleges, Yildiz Technical University offers its students the opportunity to specialise in various disciplines. Find And Study helps students choose the most suitable programme from this wide range of academic options.

Yildiz Technical University has achieved many firsts in the field of education in Turkey. As Turkey’s first ISO 9001 certified university, Yildiz Technical University plays a pioneering role in quality management systems. This success reflects the university’s perfectionist approach to education and its goal of continuous improvement. Find And Study provides students with the necessary support to receive a successful education at this prestigious university by conveying the academic excellence and innovative educational approach of Yildiz Technical University.

Studying at Yildiz Technical University offers students not only academic success but also a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional development. The university’s international exchange programmes give students the opportunity to explore different cultures around the world and gain a global perspective. Find And Study enriches students’ educational experience in Turkey by enabling them to make the most of these opportunities.

As a result, Yildiz Technical University is an excellent choice for students wishing to study in Turkey. Find And Study will continue to support students in their academic and personal development journey by providing them with the unique educational opportunities offered by YTU.


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