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How to Get Your Acceptance Letter?

  • Prepare your documents as specified.
  •  Select your university and department from our Search Page.
  •  Click on the Free Apply button and upload your information and documents in a complete manner.
  •  Follow your application status from Applicaton Status page. We will obtain a pre-acceptance letter for you.
  •  A small amount specified by the university must be directly deposited into the university’s bank account as stated in the pre-acceptance letter. All information will be included in the free pre-acceptance letter we will send you.
  •  You must provide us with the “payment receipt” showing that you have made the payment stated in the pre-acceptance letter.
  •  As the final step, we will obtain the “final acceptance letter” from the university and you will be able to download it as a PDF from our system.


If your documents are in English, you do not need a translation for the application.

If your documents are not in English, you will need a notarized Turkish translation of your documents.

In any case, a notarized Turkish translation of your documents is required at the final registration stage.

Make sure you upload your documents in the specified way.

Find And Study is not responsible for any problems caused by deficiencies, errors, or incorrect or incomplete information in your documents.

During the application process, you can see examples of the documents that need to be uploaded on the side.

Important note: Please scan your documents with the help of a scanner and save them as PDFs (Diploma, Transcript and Passport).

Proper scanning and completeness of documents speeds up the process of receiving an acceptance letter.

Before making your free application, please prepare your documents in a complete and PDF format as follows.