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OSTIM Technical University, which has the distinction of being the first university located in an industrial zone in Turkey, is a foundation university established by OSTİM Foundation in Ankara in 2017.

As OSTIM Technical University, it provides education to our students with a total area of 41,886 m2, library, free workshops, technopark, sports and social areas, 6 faculties and 521 teaching staff.

It is a multicultural university with the number of 521 foreign students studying at the University through all kinds of fairs, promotions and organisations related to education carried out by institutions and organisations abroad. It is 0 metres away from the metro station and the distance to Kızılay is about 20-25 minutes. The distance of OSTİM Technical University from major cities is 445 km from Istanbul, 7476 km from Antalya, 1012 km from Diyarbakır, 878 km from Erzurum, 589 km from İzmir and 416 km from Samsun.

Ostim Technical University has an Erasmus+ exchange programme. You can easily apply for programmes at Ostim Technical University with Find And Study.

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