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Izmir Kavram Vocational School is a foundation higher education institution established by “Kavram Education Foundation on 12.07.2008. Izmir Vocational School is operating in order to fill the gap in the field of vocational education in Turkey, to meet the need for qualified intermediate staff and at the same time to provide the transition to higher education.

Izmir Vocational High School has many opportunities and facilities around it in terms of location and is very close to public transport.

Operating with 29 associate degree programmes and 2085 associate degree students, Izmir Concept Vocational School has an international identity in terms of student prototype. The university has many campus facilities such as computer centre (1 MAC and 2 PC labs), workshops, cafeteria, library, gym and Wi-Fi. Dormitory facilities are also available at the university. Izmir Concept Vocational School has exchange programmes such as Erasmus+. You can easily apply for programmes at Izmir Kavram Vocational School with Find And Study.

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