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Haliç University was founded on 23 November 1998. Haliç University has 7 faculties, 2 colleges, 1 vocational school, a conservatory and a graduate institute. The university has 396 academic staff working in these units. The University has 3 campuses in Levent, Beylerbeyi and Sütlüce, one of the most important districts of Istanbul. Haliç University, which provides education to a total of 10,898 students, welcomes 281 of them as foreign students.

The university’s campus facilities are quite rich. Many campus facilities are available, including a computer centre, swimming pool, cafeteria, library, sports hall and Wi-Fi.

The distance from Haliç University to Istanbul Airport is 34 kilometres. The distance of Haliç University from major cities is Ankara 451 km, Antalya 699 km, Diyarbakir 1,448 km, Erzurum 1,236 km, Izmir 480 km and Samsun 739 km.

Haliç University has an Erasmus+ exchange programme. With Find and Study, you can apply for scholarship programmes at Haliç University and continue your educational life by experiencing the unique beauties of Istanbul and Turkey.

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