YÖS - Foreign Student Exam


As its name suggests, it is to read the exam to enter the foreign students in Turkey.

207 public and private universities in Turkey just as well as with the YOS students can receive a diploma students are foreign nationals. YOS exam questions are different from other college admission test administered to students in Turkey.In addition, foreign students are required to meet certain YÖS Terms and Conditions in order to take the YÖS Exam.

The exam includes 45 questions General Ability (IQ) test, 30 questions Math test and 5 questions Geometry test.Exam duration is generally planned between 100 and 150 minutes.

Students can earn the right to be a student at every department of the State and Foundation Universities with the YÖS Exam.But; Acceptance is made to the departments of some universities that provide education in the field of Fine Arts and Music with Special Ability Exam.Another area is to Military and Police Academies: Students, candidates who meet the special conditions of these institutions are accepted.

School type, area and section differences, AÖBAP diploma score of such factors none of the value is not available. Required condition is equivalent to high school diploma in Turkey. In Germany, Abitur, Fachabitur, Open High School (AÖLBAP) students can enter all departments.

With the condition that YÖS Candidates are in the last year of high school or are in the status of graduating;

  • Being Foreign Nationals
  • Turkish Citizens with Birth and those who are allowed to get out of Turkish citizenship later (Mavi Kart -5901 law)
  • The Republic of Turkey while Foreign (T. C.) to passers Citizenship

Double Nationals.

  • The citizens of the Republic of Turkey, completed education in foreign countries

(He must have studied the last three years of his education abroad!)


  • Students who have completed their education and training in Turkish schools in a foreign country (Example: Western European Open High School Program)
  • Those who have GCE AL exam
  • secondary education field completely foreign students in Turkey

They are considered to have fulfilled the YÖS Requirements and can take the YÖS Exam.

If you have finished high school abroad and have dual citizenship, never go out!Because double citizens can enjoy the right in this case.

If you have finished high school in a foreign country and have lived in this country during education / at least 3 years), you benefit from this right even if you are a Turkish citizen. Never leave your citizenship.If you finished high school as a dual citizen of Turkey, you must exit the Turkish citizenship. If you can not get out; Even if you win, you are not able to register.You can start the process of exiting citizenship by applying to the Ministry of Interior.Ministry of Internal Affairs Population and Citizenship Affairs Directorate Citizenship Branch or Consulates.

  1. The Republic of Turkey (T. C.) is a citizen of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), who graduated from high school students
  2. The Republic of Turkey (T. C.) citizens and also carrying another foreign country of citizenship and high school students who graduated in Turkey
  3. Dual citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)
  4. dual nationals studying in foreign high school located within the borders of Turkey

Students are deemed not fulfilling the YÖS Requirements and cannot benefit from the right to YÖS!

Knowing Turkish or documenting that you know Turkish is not one of the YÖS Requirements. University admissions will not be mandatory for you.After enrolling in universities with YÖS Exam results, Turkish Placement Exams for Foreign Students are held for level determination.In the evaluation of the exam results, students are divided into groups A, B or C.


If the student YÖS Turkish Exam:

  • If he is assigned to group A, he will not encounter a Turkish barrier in his higher education life.
  • If assigned to group B, while undergraduate courses continue, Turkish Lessons for Foreign Students are added as an additional course to the lesson plan.
  • If he is assigned to the C group, the student must read Turkish Preparation and either have to get a Turkish certificate from TÖMER.