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As of 2023,  Üsküdar University has 6 faculties, 1 Vocational School of Health Services, 5 institutes, 39 undergraduate programmes, 59 associate degree programmes, 46 graduate programmes, 14 doctoral programmes, 39 research and application centres and 86 laboratories. There are 24,002 students at the university, including 12,867 undergraduate students, 7,218 associate degree students, 3,632 graduate students and 285 doctoral students. Üsküdar University has a total of 829 academic staff.

 Üsküdar University is centrally located and easily accessible by metrobus for students coming from the European and Anatolian sides. The distance from Üsküdar University to major cities is 464 km to Ankara, 708 km to Antalya, 1392 km to Diyarbakır, 1256 km to Erzurum, 494 km to İzmir and 756 km to Samsun.

The university, which has a total area of 200,665 m², has many campus facilities such as a computer centre, health services, cafeteria, library and Wi-Fi, a gymnasium, dormitory facilities and a barrier-free student unit. Üsküdar University has Erasmus+ exchange programmes. With Find And Study you can easily apply for programmes at Üsküdar University.

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