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Özyeğin University was established on 18 May 2007. The campus, which is built on a total area of 280 thousand square meters, has quiet and comfortable study rooms, modern classrooms and laboratories, a 15,000 m2 sports centre, a 2,825 m2 library, 2 auditoriums with a capacity of 350 and 372 people, and aims to provide students with every opportunity to grow with social, sports and cultural activities as well as their academic development. The distances of Özyeğin University to major cities are Ankara 464 km, Antalya 708 km, Diyarbakır 1392 km, Erzurum 1256 km, İzmir 494 km, and Samsun 756 km.The university is centrally located in the Çekmeköy district of Istanbul and there are many transport facilities such as buses and shuttles.



 90.4 per cent of the students enrolled at Özyeğin University receive scholarships. Özyeğin University offers a total of 23 undergraduate and 10 postgraduate programmes in 6 faculties, 3 institutes and 2 colleges. A total of 8,500 students are educated at the university. The number of international students at the university is around 620. Özyeğin University has an Erasmus+ exchange programme. You can easily apply for programmes at Özyeğin University with Find And Study.

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