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Istanbul Gelisim University was established on 08/07/2008 and started its education. It continues its education and training activities with 6 faculties, 2 colleges, 2 vocational schools and Graduate Education Institute. Istanbul Gelisim University, which cooperates with more than 130 world universities, is an international school with more than 34,000 students including associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students and more than 5,000 international students from 105 countries.

Istanbul Gelisim University is located in Istanbul, one of the financial and commercial centres of Turkey and the world, in a central location that is easily accessible to students by metro bus. The distance from Istanbul Gelisim University to major cities is 464 km to Ankara, 708 km to Antalya, 708 km to Diyarbakır, 1392 km to Diyarbakır, 1256 km to Erzurum, 494 km to İzmir and 756 km to Samsun.

There are many campus facilities such as 93 student clubs, cafeteria, library, gymnasium and Wi-Fi, which allow students to engage in social, cultural, scientific and sports activities outside the classroom. Istanbul Kültür University has Erasmus+ exchange programmes. You can easily apply for programmes at Istanbul Gelisim University with Find And Study.

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