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Istanbul Galata University, which was established by Bulut Education Foundation, obtained public legal personality with the publication of the Foundation Law dated 30.05.2019 and numbered 7176 in the Official Gazette dated 12.06.2019 and numbered 30799.

Istanbul Galata University is located in Galata, Beyoğlu, the historical district of Istanbul, where its name is mentioned. The historic district is considered by all Istanbulites to be centrally located. With its art centres, museums, cinemas and theatres, sports facilities, cafes and restaurants to suit every budget, Galata is a campus without borders.

The distance of our university to other major cities is 443 km to Ankara, 718 km to Antalya, 1,440 km to Diyarbakır, 1,227 km to Erzurum, 479 km to İzmir and 730 km to Samsun. 

Today, our University, which provides education in a total of 21 departments, including 4 faculties and 1 vocational school, has adopted the mission of educating its students to be competent individuals. Our university, which develops cooperation by following global changes in order to provide a bright future for our students, is growing day by day with its breakthroughs in the field of international education.

As Istanbul Galata University International Office Coordinatorship, we create an international campus environment for our students by establishing cooperation, agreements and protocols with higher education institutions and other institutions. You can easily apply for programmes at Galata University with Find And Study.

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