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Fenerbahçe University, founded by Fenerbahçe Education, Culture and Health Foundation, became a legal entity with the law published in the Official Gazette on 24 November 2016.

The university provides its students with a safe and quality living and educational environment with its Ataşehir campus located in the centre of Istanbul, while students benefit from internship and various study opportunities and sports facilities thanks to the cooperation with Medicana Health Group and Fenerbahçe Sports Club. The university is located 443 km from Ankara, 718 km from Antalya, 1,440 km from Diyarbakır, 1,227 km from Erzurum, 479 km from İzmir and 730 km from Samsun. 

At the undergraduate level, education continues in 27 departments within 6 faculties and 14 programmes within the Vocational School of Health Services. The Institute of Postgraduate Education offers 9 master’s and 2 doctoral programmes.

Fenerbahçe University has set itself the goal of educating people who are proficient in world languages, who are open to innovative and creative thinking, who are focused on scientific development, who have completed their social and academic development, and who are among the leading universities in the world. In addition, the University has been accepted into the Erasmus+ exchange programme and bilateral agreements have begun to be signed.

With the goal of internationalisation, Fenerbahçe University is determined to become an internationally respected university by creating a learning environment that embraces multiculturalism and diversity while providing education and training opportunities for international students. In this context, the number of foreign students and academic staff is increasing day by day. You can easily apply for programmes at Fenerbahçe University with Find And Study.

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