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    You have two options; 1- The Public /State Universities 2- Private Universities First of all, you have to know that there is an exam (YÖS) About YÖS It is not a general exam, each university does that themself. Some of them don’t do this exam and accept students with high school diplomas. Mainly private universities do the exam to give a discount. But if you want to be a student in public/state university you have to get good points as a result of the exam/good mark. After that, you can apply to universities to get an acceptance letter. Some universities give a pre-acceptance letter. (Its works as same acceptance letter) APPLICATION DOCUMENTS: Passport Personal Photo Diploma ( Translate to English or Turkish ) Transcript ( Translate to English or Turkish ) When you get this paper you can take a student visa from the Turkish embassy. Student Visa and Acceptance Letter When you arrived in Turkey, You have to register with original documents. ABOUT TURKISH: If you don’t have any Turkish exam results and don’t know Turkish; you have to study Turkish class at your Universities. Cost almost between 200-700 dollars. (It depends on the university) HOW TO APPLY WITH US? 1. We will share our universities and programs list with you ( You can find it on the page of each university ) 2. You should choose your university and program. 3. You should send your APPLICATION DOCUMENTS via WhatsApp ( +90 552 689 85 15) or e-mail (apply@findandstudy.com) OR you can APPLY ONLINE 4. You should send us half part of our service fee (Consulting Fee) 5. We will get a pre-acceptance letter from the university for you. 6. We will send it and you can get a student visa from the Turkish Embassy 7. When you arrived in Turkey, you can get the Acceptance Letter from us. 8. You can register at your university with your original documents. HOW TO START EDUCATION? 1. If you don’t know Turkish, you have to go Turkish course first year. ( It will be at your university) 2. At the end of the year, there will be an exam about Turkish. You have to pass it to continue your education. 3. You can start your education. ABOUT COST Cost depends on which university and department you have chosen. Your cost list 1. Consulting Fee ( Ask please) Just once 2. Turkish Course ( Between 200-700 $) 3. Tuitions Fee /Per Year a) Medicine and Dentistry – Between (200$ – 2500$) b) Engineering – Between (100$ – 800$) c) Social Sciences – Between (100$ – 500$) 4. Living cost is almost (250$ – 500$) per month. (Included accomondation) ATTENTION PLEASE We are not giving service about scholarship programs. You can visit: www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr


    YÖK Scholarship for International Students It is designed for international students at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels in countries that have signed protocols with the Council of Higher Education. With this program, students who are placed in Turkish higher education programs do not have a Turkish Proficiency Certificate and they are offered one-year language preparation. Turkey scholarships, as well as providing financial support, enables the insertion of foreign students in university programs intended application. With this feature, it differs from other scholarship programs in the world. Turkey as well as the objectives of university education scholarship students throughout their time in Turkey is to benefit from the social and cultural activities. This scholarship program covers students' needs such as accommodation and health insurance during their education period.


    Please fill out this form if you do not have any insurance during the application and you will request an insurance from SGK within 3 months.(Printed, filled and signed by the student) For help filling out the relevant document, please click here Only the first applicants can use the above document. Students who are going to apply for Extension and Transition cannot use the above document. These students must have one of the Valid Health Insurance Types mentioned below at the time of submitting their documents to the university. If you have private health insurance, insurance under the bilateral social security agreement or insurance by SGK, do not bring the file mentioned above. Valid Health insurance types; - Private health insurance (This policy covers the minimum collateral structure determined in the circular regarding private health insurances to be made in the residence permit number 9 dated 06/06/2014. " must be marked. Please present the signed and stamped / sealed original of your insurance policy during the application! - Provision of e-signed / signed and stamped / sealed certificate from the Social Security Institution - Bilateral social security agreements within the scope of utilization of health services in Turkey that provincial social security units received from the e-signed / signed and stamped / sealed documents (These documents must be original, photocopy is not accepted).


    In Turkey undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and doctoral program students get visas for foreign students who want to study or they can enroll in the university "Letter of Acceptance" There needs. The letter of acceptance is the official document certifying the acceptance of your application by the university from which you have applied.This document is also required for you to obtain a "Study Visa" from the Turkish Consulate in your country. In the application process to the university, you will receive a "Letter of Offer" before the "Letter of Acceptance". This letter of tender is sent by foundation universities and means that the university accepts your application. Here are details about your tuition fee, duration of study, the department you are applying for.If you are going to apply to foundation universities, you will receive an “Letter of Acceptance” after depositing the deposit amount determined by the university in your “Letter of Offer” into the university's account.In Public Universities, you will receive an "Acceptance Letter" indicating that you are directly accepted and you do not need any prepayment. The time of delivery of the acceptance letter to the student varies at public universities and foundation universities.Find And Study reduces the process of receiving the “Letter of Acceptance” for the students to whom it applies.Follows the application process of Find And Study students, speeds up the process and transmits the "Letter of Acceptance" to the student as soon as possible in both public and foundation universities.


    Pursuant to the protocol signed between the higher education institution and the Migration administration, the residence procedures of all students enrolled in the university will be carried out by the universities to which the students are affiliated. In this context, students have to submit their documents for residence permit to the university they are affiliated with - Students have to submit their documents to the university they are affiliated to, instead of the appointment, even if the appointment location is elsewhere. • If you are applying for a residence for the first time, please get help from this video to fill in the form. • If you are applying for extension residence, please get help from this video to fill in the form. • If you have any residence other than student residence permit, please click the "I am applying for residence permit application" option. 2. Four (4) Photos * (Should be taken in the last 6 months, the background should be white and biometric) (Bring 4 biometric photos separately, do not bring 4 photos adjacent to each other.) 3. Copies of the first page of your passport, visa (if applicable) and entry stamp pages. (Bring the first page of the passport, visa (if any) and entrance stamps each on a separate page, do not bring all the copies in one page.)When you submit your documents to the University, your original passport must be with you.Students who do not have a passport with them for any reason during the application must bring a notarized copy of their passport.There is no need for a notarized copy of your passport when you apply to the university.If you have changed your passport (you have received a new passport) during the e-residence application, you also have to bring the relevant copies of your old passport and new passport (first pages, visa pages, entry stamps). 4. Copy of the duplex copy of your residence card (if you do not have a residence card, please ignore it). 5. Student Certificate (You can get this document from the Registrar's Office) (Student certificate received through e-government will not be accepted.) The student certificate to be delivered must be received within the month the student submits the documents to the university (For example, if you are going to deliver the documents to the university in February, the Student Document that you will submit in the document must be received in February) Student documents previously taken will not be accepted. 6. Please click here for the sample of the declaration that the residence address and the sufficient and regular financial possession of the stay (printed, filled and signed by the student) For help filling out the document, please click here (Please do not bring your tenancy agreement, the document taken from the Population Directorates or the settlement document received via E-government. These documents are not valid. Please only bring the file in the relevant link as Printed, filled and signed)


    In the event that all foreign students studying in our country apply to the social security provincial directorate / social security center in the location where the schools they are studying, apply to the social security provincial directorate / social security center and a student certificate indicating the first registration date of the schools where they study General health insurances for one year are made as of the day following the date of their request.Foreign students, whose general health insurance registrations are made in this way, must be paid by the general health insurance premium calculated on the 30-day amount of one third of the minimum daily earning minimum limit determined according to article 82 of the Law. (This amount is monthly / TL 117.72) On the other hand, the general health insurance of foreign students registered under the Laws in force ends due to the reasons specified in this Law.Foreign students who do not make a written request within three months from the date of their first enrollment to the schools where they will be educated will not be registered as more general health insurance during their education.For this reason, those who want to become general health insurance from foreign students must make a written request within three months from the date of their first registration to their schools.