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Doğuş University was opened in 1997. There are 35 undergraduate programmes in 5 faculties, 1 college programme, 36 associate degree programmes, 21 master’s programmes and 3 doctoral programmes.

With 11711 students, all campuses of Doğuş University are easily accessible and there are numerous means of transport such as trams, trains, metro buses, underground trains, taxis, ferries, minibuses and long buses. The distance from Doğuş University to major cities is 464 km to Ankara, 708 km to Antalya, 1392 km to Diyarbakır, 1256 km to Erzurum, 494 km to İzmir and 756 km to Samsun.

 The university has many campus facilities such as computer centre, health services, cafeteria, library, gym, dance workshop and Wi-Fi.Doğuş University has exchange programmes such as Erasmus+, Farabi. You can easily apply for programmes at Doğuş University with Find And Study.

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