• Do You Want To Be A Student in Turkey?

    • April 6, 2020
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    You have two options;

    1- The Public /State Universities

    2- Private Universities

    First of all, you have to know that there is an exam (YÖS)

    About YÖS

    It is not a general exam, each university does that themself.

    Some of them don’t do this exam and accept students with high school diplomas.

    Mainly private universities do the exam to give a discount.

    But if you want to be a student in public/state university you have to get good points as a result of the exam/good mark.

    After that, you can apply to universities to get an acceptance letter. Some universities give a pre-acceptance letter. (Its works as same acceptance letter)


    • Passport
    • Personal Photo
    • Diploma ( Translate to English or Turkish )
    • Transcript ( Translate to English or Turkish )

    When you get this paper you can take a student visa from the Turkish embassy.

    Student Visa and Acceptance Letter

    When you arrived in Turkey, You have to register with original documents.


    If you don’t have any Turkish exam results and don’t know Turkish; you have to study Turkish class at your Universities. Cost almost between 200-700 dollars. (It depends on the university)


    1. We will share our universities and programs list with you ( You can find it on the page of each university )

    2. You should choose your university and program.

    3. You should send your APPLICATION DOCUMENTS via WhatsApp
    ( +90 552 689 85 15) or e-mail (apply@findandstudy.com) OR you can


    4. You should send us %60 percent of our service fee  (Consulting Fee)

    5. We will get a pre-acceptance letter from the university for you.

    6. We will send it and you can get a student visa from the Turkish Embassy

    7. When you arrived in Turkey, you can get the Acceptance Letter from us.

    8. You can register at your university with your original documents.


    1. If you don’t know Turkish, you have to go Turkish course first year.  ( It will be at your university)

    2.  At the end of the year, there will be an exam about Turkish.  You have to pass it to continue your education.

    3. You can start your education.


    Cost depends on which university and department you have chosen.

    Your cost list

    1. Consulting Fee ( Ask please) Just once

    2. Turkish Course ( Between 200-700 $)

    3. Tuitions Fee /Per Year

          a) Medicine and Dentistry – Between (200$ – 2500$)

          b) Engineering – Between (100$ – 800$)

          c) Social Sciences – Between (100$ – 500$)

    4. Living cost is almost (250$ – 500$) per month. (Included accomondation)


    We are not giving service about scholarship programs.

    You can  visit: www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr