• Work Permit in Turkey

    • March 6, 2020
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    Work permits are granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security by evaluating certain criteria such as the situation in the labor market, developments in the working life, sectoral and economic situation regarding employment. Working permits are given with the conditions and restrictions determined by the Law No. 4817. Work permits office of foreigners serves the labor market with 11 branches structured according to the characteristics of various sectors. Accordingly, only the application with the required list of documents is not sufficient to obtain permission. There are dozens of criteria and details that the Ministry takes into consideration.

    Some of the evaluation criteria that are obligatory to be met by the applicant workplaces and foreigners regarding the work permit requests of foreigners determined according to Article 13 of the enforcement regulation of the law on the work permits of foreigners numbered 4817 and which started to be applied on 2/8/2010 are listed below.

    • At least five T.C. Employment of its citizens is compulsory. In case of requesting work permit for more than one foreigner in the same workplace, five T.C. employment of citizens will be sought.
    • The paid-in capital of the workplace should be at least 100,000 TL or gross sales of at least 800,000 TL or last year export amount of at least 250,000 USD.
    • The need to employ foreign personnel due to sectoral and economic conjuncture conditions,
    • The absence of Turkish personnel with the same qualifications that can replace the foreigner in the labor market within 4 weeks,
    • Appropriate not to employ foreign personnel according to developments in working life Turkey
    • The Foreign profession, about the recording information etc. in Turkey. positive opinions of the relevant institutions on foreigners in many issues,
    • Stability for the job supply of the foreigner in his previous works (Workplace and professional continuity and efficiency),
    • The information and documents in the foreigner’s file are compatible with each other.
    • Whether the law has rejection grounds.