• Why Turkey?

    • March 6, 2020
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    Rapidly growing and developing education in Turkey in recent years has begun to take great importance for foreign students.In 2014, the number of international students was 48 thousand, as of today this has exceeded 154 thousand. 129 state in Turkey, there are 73 private universities and 5 private vocational total of 207 higher education institutions, including colleges.

    All universities in Turkey; With its quality education, campuses in social life and many different opportunities, it plays an important role in preparing both Turkish students and foreign students for life and gaining their professional competencies. Turkey universities in the Bologna Agreement attached to this platform deploys a curriculum equivalent to 47 member countries. So any one who graduate from universities in Turkey has the training and diploma equivalence in all European and other world countries.

    Although the foreign students’ entrance conditions to public universities or foundation universities are the same, in some cases there may be different document requests and entry requirements among universities.