• How To Do Residence Procedures in Turkey?

    • March 6, 2020
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    For foreigners living in our country for various reasons, they are evaluated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Migration Management and given if necessary. Foreign residence permit for the purposes of foreigners coming to Turkey, the kind of residence permit in Turkey, is given according to assessment under its previous record. It is important to apply with the right documents and information in order not to waste labor, time and money. The types of residence permit are listed below. With the amendment of the Law made on 11 April 2014, the authority in the Police Departments was obtained and given to the newly established immigration administration. In this context, evaluation criteria have changed.

    Types of residence permits

    • Short term residence permit
    • Family residence permit
    • Student residence permit
    • Long-term residence permit
    • Humanitarian residence permit
    • Residence permit for victims of human trafficking

    Short-term residence permit

    • They will come for scientific research
    • Immovable property located in Turkey
    • They will establish commercial connections or business
    • They will participate in in-service training programs
    • Turkey is a party to the agreement with the Republic or future educational or similar purposes in the framework of student exchange programs
    • Will stay for tourism purposes
    • They will be treated on condition that they do not carry one of the diseases that are considered as a threat to public health.
    • Depending on the judicial or administrative authorities of the request or decision should remain in Turkey
    • Those who switch from family residence permit to short term residence permit
    • Attend Turkish learning courses
    • Education in Turkey through public institutions, research, and participate in internships and courses
    • Those who apply within six months from the date of completing the graduation of higher education in Turkey.