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Bilkent University was established on October 20, 1984 as Turkey’s first foundation university. There are 3 campuses: Central, East and Central. The campus is located on a land of 5,000 decares. It is very easy to access because it is located in the city center. It is possible to reach almost anywhere in the city by a single vehicle. The distance of Istanbul to the big cities is 445 km, Antalya 7476 km, Diyarbakir 1012, Erzurum 878 km, Izmir 589 km and Samsun 416 km.

Bilkent has a total of 13,100 students, 905 of which are at master’s level and 539 at doctoral level, 344 of which are students from foreign countries. Bilkent University has 38 undergraduate and 27 graduate programs spread over 9 faculties, 3 vocational schools and 2 schools.

There are many campus facilities such as computer center, health services, cafeteria, library, gym and Wi-Fi at the university. Dormitory facilities are available at the university. Bilkent University has exchange programs such as Erasmus+, Farabi and Mevlana. You can easily apply to Bilkent University programs with Find And Study.

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